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Enjoy the adventurous Safari tour in the land of golden sand-dunes, Rajasthan. Explore more on safaris in Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan Safari

Camel SafariTo enjoy the eco-friendly tour of Rajasthan amidst the tales of the chivalrous Rajput kings which the journey unfolds, it is imperative for each visitor to undertake the safari tour of Rajasthan. This amazing state offers varied safari options for its ultimate exploration. Following the unconventional route by a camel, horse, or jeep safari will get you directly acquainted with the life, culture, people, and traditions of the colorful Rajasthan. The safaris of Rajasthan have an enticing charisma and zeal that leave the tourists asking for more. The safari tour is going to be like a caravan journey which the traders in the 8th century used to make. Rajasthan's topography is just perfect for different safaris like camel safari, horse safari, jeep safari, and elephant safari. Find out by reading further how and by what means you can enjoy the safari tours of the sun kissed Thar Desert.

Camel Safari
The ship of the desert is going to be the perfect means of getting a feel of the authentic Rajasthan lifestyle. The cities of Jaisalmer and Bikaner - the abodes of a large number of camels and desert landscapes are ideal destinations for enjoying the camel safari. The sight enroute while taking the camel safari is going to be a captivating one. The experience of the village rural life of Rajasthan and the simple lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan is bound to be enthralling. There are private tour operators as well as Rajasthan Tourism Development Cooperation (RTDC) which arrange camel safari rides. One can also tailor the safari according to one's convenience.

Jeep Safari
If the camel safari doesn't suit you, a jeep ride is another interesting form of enjoying the safari in Rajasthan. An open jeep is one of the ultimate means of visiting the locales of Rajasthan where one can enjoy the picturesque Thar Desert and marvels of Rajasthan architecture. Besides, it is one of the fastest means of undertaking a safari tour so that one can visit more destinations within Rajasthan. Rajasthan's deserts beckon all adventure lovers with its enthralling jeep safaris. The routes of these safaris basically pass through many quaint villages which bring you more close to its beauty.

Horse Safari
The gallant Rajputs took naturally to riding the horse. While in Rajasthan, you can't miss to experience the same royalty. Enters the horse safari, an interesting way to explore the beauty of Rajasthan! It will give your journey an adventurous streak giving you memories to be cherished for lifetime. Horse safaris are one of the most popular ways of exploring the beauty of the sandy rocky terrains. Mounting on the back of the horse is synonymous to tasting the real flavor of the country's erstwhile hospitality and unmatched charm in real ethnic ambience. Horse safaris remain on the top list of favorites all around the year.

Elephant Safari
An elephant safari is another option to explore the stupendous royalty of Rajasthan. Though it is not popular in Rajasthan, one can find elephant rides arranged only between Pushkar and Jaipur. The safari, though, gives one a taste of royalty and luxury. It gives an opportunity to the travelers to witness the beautiful views from the top of an elephant which, in itself, is quite thrilling. These elephants are usually ornamented with an umbrella covering, giving you a king-like feel. Elephant safaris also give the travelers a comfortable sitting and marvelous panorama vistas of the fascinating sandy dessert terrain.

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