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Rajasthan travel tips are going to make your journey a memorable one. Get to know some important tips for Rajasthan travelers.

Rajasthan Travel Tips

The state of Rajasthan is a major tourist attraction drawing people from all parts of India and the world. Foreign tourists are especially attracted to the beautiful heritage monuments of Rajasthan which are a living proof of the bygone era of Rajputana royalty. Travel tips for Rajasthan are going to make your journey to the "Land of Princes" even more fun, exciting, safe, and memorable. These tips are a simple know-how of what to do and what not to do when in the state of Rajasthan. For a first time traveler to Rajasthan, it would be extremely beneficial to have a glance at the travel tips mentioned below.

General Suggestions
  • Get firsthand knowledge about the state through a little bit of online research. It will give you an idea about the major tourist attractions as well as the traditions of the state.
  • It would be advisable not to venture out late in the night if you are not accompanied by a local resident or a professional guide.
  • Do not carry excessive cash while touring the city. It would be better to carry a credit card or an ATM card if you want to shop in the state.
  • Do not leave your hotel or resort without locking your luggage safely in the cupboard and then locking the room.
  • Women should avoid wearing revealing clothes as Rajasthan is a traditional region. In general, both men and women should wear light pastel shades.
  • Avoid consuming any eatables given by strangers.
  • Always make bookings in RTDC or Government approved hotels.
  • Vehicles in India are driven on the left side of the road. Be aware of it while walking or driving on the road.
  • Do not forget to carry sun blocks lotions, hats/caps, and goggles as it can get extremely hot in Rajasthan.
  • Consume plenty of food solid food and fruit items as it is important to stay hydrated during hot summer months.
  • Beware of frauds and conmen posing as guides.
  • Footwear is not allowed inside the temples. Make sure to leave them outside but only at places where separate arrangements are made for their safekeeping.
  • Never put up in a hotel or lodging that is recommended by your auto rickshaw or taxi driver. It is better to make prior arrangements through an authorized travel agent.
  • Do not stay outside too long after dark, especially if you’re a woman traveling alone.
Health Tips for Travelers
  • People who are likely to get heat stroke quickly should be cautious as Rajasthan is a hot and dry region. Hence, it is advisable to use hats or head scarves to make one’s trip free from headaches.
  • Do not eat out at road side joints if you are not sure about the hygiene factor.
  • Do not drink normal tap water. Always consume boiled or mineral water and keep on constantly drinking liquids to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid having non-vegetarian food from small restaurants as one is not sure about the quality of mutton, chicken, or any other meat served here.
  • Most importantly, always keep a first-aid box handy when you are on the move.
Rajasthan Airports
Historical monuments, age-old traditional culture, majestic palaces, royal forts, lush green forests, gleaming sand dunes, vibrant fairs and festivals, coupled with modern luxury and comforts, make Rajasthan one of the most popular travel destinations in India. A modern state of India and offering a unique experience to spellbind you, Rajasthan can be easily accessed through air travel.

Best Time to Visit
Although there is no such thing as best time to visit Rajasthan as the temperatures during the summer months vary quite a bit - the days are extremely hot but at nights, the temperatures dip with an apparent chill, but it is generally recommended to those, who are not accustomed to Indian summers, to visit Rajasthan in winter or monsoon months as, during this time, the state is at its climatic best and is also the time when all fairs and festivals are held.

How to Reach
Rajasthan, located in the north western side of India, is the largest state of India and has always been an enigmatic place which travelers have wanted to explore. Rajasthan is a destination which can be accessed without much difficulty. One can reach Rajasthan by means of air, rail, and road. Almost all the cities of Rajasthan are well connected by rail and road while several cities have domestic airports as well.

Rajasthan Map
The state of Rajasthan, covering an area of 342,239 sq km, stands as the largest state of India in terms of physical coverage. This vibrant and historical state, located in the north-west part of India, is frequented by travelers throughout the year. It shares its physical boundary with several states of India, namely, Gujarat to the southwest, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in the northeast, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast, and Punjab in the north.

Photo Gallery
Rajasthan is world renowned for the heritage status it enjoys. It is well known for being the living example of the bygone era of Indian royalty. Its numerous palaces, forts, havelis (mansions), and temples are works of architectural brilliance and attract visitors from all over the world. The state also boasts of the sun kissed Thar Desert which is known for its camel rides and festivals. The wildlife reserves and bird sanctuaries are a treat for nature lovers.

Rajasthan Weather
The state of Rajasthan is located in northwestern part of India. The Aravali Mountains, stretching diagonally across the state from south-west to north-east, separate the desert and semi-desert areas in the west from the sub-humid areas in the east. The large part of Rajasthan is a desert and has little forest cover. To know more about the climatic conditions in Rajasthan, read through the following lines.

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