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Planning a tour to Rajasthan? Know about the major festivals of the Indian state, by reading what's written below.

Rajasthan Festivals

Rajasthan FestivalsCelebration of the true spirit of Rajasthan can be witnessed during the innumerable festivals organized here throughout the year. These festivals are splendid opportunities for tourists to experience the life and culture of Rajasthan, as these festivals are a unique blend of socio-cultural. There are festivals held across the state of Rajasthan that are celebrated both on cultural and religious occasions. Men wearing bright red turbans and women adorned with vibrantly colored lehangas and odhnis exhibit a colorful look and reveal the joyous spirit and passion of the people of Rajasthan towards life. During these festivals, the entire Rajasthan takes part in making them a grand event. People from the trading community, different tribal people, and different types of artists bring life to these festivals with their participation. These festivals offer something unique to everyone according to their tastes.

The festivals provide an opportunity to the people of Rajasthan to take a break from the mundane routine life and unite together to be a part of celebrating life in a distinctive Rajasthani way. The desert land comes alive with the splash of colors dashed across the state with the organizing of these festivals. What's more, these festivals also give the visitors a peek into the royal life of the former rulers of Rajasthan. To add on, Rajasthan has now become a hub of cultural tourism and so have the festivals which are an integral part of the tour to Rajasthan. A number of colorful festivals involving elephants, camel races, music, and dance performances are organized for tourists and visitors. Some of the most recognized festivals of Rajasthan include Mewar Festival, Marwar Festival, Teej Festival, Desert Festival, Gangaur Festival, Kajli Teej Festival, and Bikaner Camel Festival. These festivals play a host to thousands of people every year who make it a point to be present here not just from India but across the globe.

Camel Festival
Camel Festival is organized every year in the month of January, along with the desert region's folk dances and music. It is an exclusive camel fair with no other cattle on display, a festival when the ships of the desert are seen at their best. These hybrid camels fascinate and lure tourists from all over the world with their movements, charm, and grace. A show of unusual camel performances such as camel races, camel dances, and the bumpy, neck shaking camel rides are performed.

Desert Festival
The desert city of Jaisalmer is the only place where Desert Festival is celebrated with great zeal and zest. This is one major festival organized once a year during winter season and in the middle of the sands of the great Thar Desert. The empty sands surrounding the Golden City of Jaisalmer liven up with the brilliant colors, music, and laughter of the Desert Festival. The state of Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe and celebrating this festival simply adds magic and charisma.

Gangaur Festival
Celebrated with great pomp and show, the Gangaur Festival is one of the most popular festivals and events in Rajasthan that bears a special significance in the hearts of the native Rajasthani people. The festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Gauri and is observed during the spring season. One can see devotees offering prayers to the goddess whom they consider as the mother of abundance.

Kajli Teej Festival
Rajasthan's tradition can be captured at its festive best at the Kajli Teej festival, a dazzlingly theatrical and lively event. The celebration of Kajli Teej in Bundi, the queen of Hadoti in Rajasthan, is different from the several other Teej festivals celebrated elsewhere in the state and outside. Here, it is a week-long, or probably more, celebration of gaiety and fanfare. Goddess Uma is worshipped by the seekers of marital bliss and love.

Marwar Festival
The Marwar Festival is the right time and place to experience Jodhpur's art and culture at its best, held every year in the month of October. This festival, devoted exclusively to the folk dance and music of Marwar, was formerly known as the Maand Festival and is held across two days during the full moon of Sharad Purnima.

Mewar Festival
Apart from the mesmerizing and enchanting beauty that Udaipur is known for, it is also host to a number of festivals that keep tourists flocking in from across the world. The Mewar Festival held during March-April is one such engaging festival. An exhilarating welcome to the spring season, this festival is a visual feast with Rajasthani songs, dances, processions, devotional music, and firework displays.

Teej Festival
Held during the monsoon season, the festival of Teej is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. The festival is primarily celebrated by married women who pray for a happy and long married life. Though celebrations are held all over the state, it is especially colorful in Jaipur where processions take place for two days through the Old City. The festivities revolve around singing and dancing in praise of Goddess Parvati.

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