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Kajli Teej Festival of Bundi is held to strengthen fidelity in marriage. Read on to know more about Kajli Teej Festival of Rajasthan.

Kajli Teej Festival

Venue Bundi
Time Month of Bhadra (July-August)
How to Reach The town of Bundi can be accessed through rail or road
Unique Attributes The festival is unique to the city of Bundi and is celebrated to replenish the ties of chastity in marriage

Rajasthan's tradition can be captured at its festive best at the Kajli Teej festival, a dazzlingly theatrical and lively event. The celebration of Kajli Teej in Bundi, the queen of Hadoti in Rajasthan, is different from the several other Teej festivals celebrated elsewhere in the state and outside. Here, it is a week-long, or probably more, celebration of gaiety and fanfare. Goddess Uma is worshipped by the seekers of marital bliss and love. Kajli Teej Festival is celebrated throughout the rainy season in Rajasthan, with each region having its own take on celebrations. Such events are manifested by wearing colorful traditional costumes, new set of bangles, and decorating hands with beautiful henna designs. It is dedicated to the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, which is a symbol of a happy and long married life. Just at the initial time of monsoon, swings are hung from trees and are adorned with flowers. Young girls dress up in colorful attires and sing monsoon songs to celebrate the advent of the monsoon season.

A local fair is held nearby which is extremely popular with rural folks around Bundi. Exhibition of handicraft items like the traditional kataar, paintings and bangles, rural handicraft, petty items, and fancy eatables attract many people from Rajasthan, other parts of India, and abroad. Artisans from far flung places participate in big numbers selling their crafts. The first two days are dedicated to the folk instrument "Algoza" recital competition, thereby rendering a melodious take to the fair. Though the main function lasts for two days, the celebrations continue beyond Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. The mela venue, i.e. the Kumbha Stadium, comes alive every evening bustling with fun and frolic. Amongst the other popular festivals in the region, the Kajli Teej has its own charm and flavor.

The popular Kajli Teej with the dressed up ladies carrying the idol of Teej Mata has also been depicted in the famous Bundi miniature paintings, housed at the Garh Palace. Special poetry is also penned for the occasion. The original Teej idol, made in gold and precious stones, was seized by the landlord Balwant Singh of Gothra in Bundi from Jaipur several years back, but was brought back by the Hada king, Rao Raja Ram Singh back to Bundi. Since then, the tradition by celebrating Teej in the month of Bhadra has continues. 15 days later, the festival is celebrated in the state capital, Jaipur. In the present times, only a neatly decorated replica of the idol is used for the festival. The original and historical Teej is preserved at the royal palace of Bundi. The idol of Teej rests at the Sukh Mahal, known as the Kipling's Rest House.

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