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Once a place of residence for the royal Rajput of Rathore clan, Rohetgarh Fort is now a luxury Heritage Hotel.

Rohetgarh Fort

Rohetgarh Fort is the bastion of the chivalrous Champawat clan of Rathores. Even though this fort is one of the lesser known forts of Rajasthan, its architectural marvel and exquisite carvings and paintings speak volumes about the beauty of the citadel. The Rohetgarh Fort was presented as a gift to Thakur Dalpat Singh I in 1622 AD for leading and winning several wars under the banner of the Rathores of Marwar. Rohet, where the fort is situated, has been one of the most important jagirs (fief) of the state of Marwar. This grandeur and elegant fort still serves as the residence of the family members of Thakur Dalpat Singh I. A part of this splendid fort has now been converted into a luxurious heritage hotel. This fort hotel is a paradise for nature lovers, known for its peaceful haven with well manicured lawns, where one can easily sight peacocks roaming freely in the fort and the only sound one can hear is the chirping of the birds.

The heritage hotel is decorated by beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts, hunting trophies, royal paintings, some of the finest Persian carpets, and illuminating chandeliers. The hotel has been furnished with some of the most elegant and modern equipments. It also boasts of several modern facilities which are served in a rich Rajasthani style. For generations, this magnificent fort was occupied by the family members of Thakur Dalpat Singh and has been a witness to several historical events. The chefs at the splendid heritage hotel are quite famous for their delectable Rajasthani dishes. Over the years, Rohetgarh Fort has attracted many tourists, due to its serenity and splendor. The fort is deeply absorbed in a romantic aura and is, indeed, a jewel in the city of Jodhpur. With a variety of safaris providing both grandeur riding exercise and golden opportunity of viewing authentic places of scenic and tourist interest, the fort is a mystical charm with a memorable experience of a lifetime. For people who are interested in wildlife and natural beauty, they are bound to be charmed by the surprisingly abundant wildlife spread in this area. There are facilities available for riding the well-bred horses that are a pleasure to ride and carry you across this enchanting desert. One of the best times of visiting this place is during Gangaur Festival, which provides a golden opportunity to immerse yourself into the colorful celebration and cultural extravaganza of the festival.

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